The NCSA CSD's library of very useful utilities.

This project represents several years worth of accumulated awfully darn useful libraries for things that are needed in various projects (OA4MP, QDL, CILogon). These are made public simply because they are useful and many of them are very simplified versions of things. So if you need to do some work with, say, converting a key to another format, you don't need to pull in a large library and slog through it, just use crypto and do your call.

One other point is that much of this has been heavily used for years so it is quite reliable and well tested.

  • crypto - Use internal java libraries to create keys, convert formats, create certificate requests and work with parts of certificates (such as extracting the distinguished name or DN).
  • storage - Models a map with a unique key that has persistent storage. This supports in-memory versions, a file store and general SQL support.
  • servlet - Framework for a full but barebone web application.
  • util - Various utilities that support configuration (XML), an easy to extend command line interface, mail, native java cursor addressing, add email notifications to things
  • Command Line Interface Creating a command line interface.